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Every year, 200,000 adults in the United States lose adequate function of their lungs as a consequence of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), 40% will not survive due to a lack of treatment options. Spirrow Therapeutics helps ARDS patients survive by restoring their lung function with a nano polymer surfactant that can be administered through the trachea as a fast-acting liquid or preemptive aerosol.

Established in 2018 by Dr. You-Yeon Won, Dr. Kyle Kim, and Davis Arick, Spirrow Therapeutics is an early stage medical device company that has developed a novel application of nanopolymer surfactant micelles for the treatment of patients suffering from respiratory distress syndrome, a debilitating condition often described as “like drowning from within” that remains an unmet medical need in adults (avg. 40% mortality) and imposes considerable morbidity in both adult and premature infant survivors.

These nanopolymer surfactant micelles can safely mimic the function of human lung surfactant while being equipped with two key differentiators: immunity to deactivation by serum proteins and aerosolization capability. Deactivation immunity makes this product a first-in-class treatment that can provide sustained efficacy for adult RDS. Aerosolization offers a means of non-invasive, prophylactic delivery into the alveoli of the deep lungs for adults and premature infants with high risk factors of RDS. Once in the alveoli, the nanopolymer surfactant micelles re-inflate the lungs and maintain lung function to facilitate natural healing until the lungs recover and begin producing surfactant once more.

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